​​​Dance Unlimited​​  

Musical Theatre – brings out the showmanship and performance skills in all students. It consists of audition skills, voice training, acting and dance all at the same time.

Jazz – An upbeat class which combines  stylized movement and technique

to popular music.

"Wheel Chair Dance Classes" There truly are "No Limits" at DU

Ballet - A classical form of dance which concentrates on proper technique and body alignment. It is the foundation for which other dance forms are based.

Tumbling – Gymnastics, such as flipping,  handsprings, etc. done on a matt without anapparatus.

Baby Classes – Tap and Ballet classes for our 18 months to 5 year old students.  This class gives children a  chance to develop and grow in a nurturing  friendy environment to  children friendly music.

Hip Hop – is an energetic form of dance which is inspired by today’s latest music and trends in dance.

Mommy & Me Classes – One on one class for children up to 18 months old and their Moms or Dads.  A fun class where the children will learn and develop fine motor skills with the help of individual attention.

Lyrical – is an expressive form of dance which blends Ballet, Jazz, & Contemporary where flexibility and story telling are developed.

Pom Class – Cheerleader training class.

​​Tap – A form of dance in which the rhythm is produced by the sounds

of the dancers shoes.

HOLIDAYS  - We will be closed Labor Day; Halloween; Thanksgiving Week; Christmas & New Years; Mardi Gras Week; Easter Week.
Parent Viewing - In order for us to properly instruct your child, parents are allowed to observe the first lesson of the month ONLY! 

Weather Closures - When St Charles Parish Schools close due to inclement weather, we will also close.

It is our pleasure to introduce your children to the incredible world of Dance. Thank you for sharing God’s beautiful creations with

us at Dance Unlimited. If you ever have a question, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer it.



18 months to 7 Year olds      Any style Black Leotard, Dance Tutu or                              skirt allowed, Tan Stockings, Tan Mary Jane Style Tap                                   Shoes, Black Ballets

 8 & Older        Black Dancewear, Leotard, Bootie Shorts, Dance Top,  etc,

                          Tan  stockings, Tan Gore Style Tap Shoes, Black Gore Shoes

 Classical Ballet       Black Leotard, Pink Stockings, Pink Ballet Shoes

 Tumbling            Black Leotard, No Stockings, Bootie Shorts, Barefoot

 Hip Hop          Black Dancewear (Bootie Shorts, Dance Pants, Dance Top)

                                    Black/White Converse Style Low Top Tennis Shoes

                                   *Does not have to be name brand.

Dance Unlimited

Tuition Rates

We Now Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

1 Hour a week - $45 a Month
2 Hours a week - $80 a Month
3 to 5 Hours a week - $100.00 a Month
Endless Hours a week - $125.00 a Month
Registration Fee Per Family - $35
(Per Immediate Family – Not Per Child)
NOTE: Our Classes are Full ONE HOUR Classes, Not 45 Minutes
At Dance Unlimited, You get More Dance for your dollar.
Tuition is collected for 10 Months, since we TEACH for 10 Months
We start in August and finish the end of May with our Performances.